Start Surfing with my Kitesurf Kite

Start Surfing with my Kitesurf Kite

We will learn the first steps to surf with our kitesurf kite. We must know our limits well and know how far we can go. We recommend starting with small waves and slowly progressing to larger waves when we have greater control. We are going for the first steps to surf waves with the kitesurf kite and to Start Surfing with my Kitesurf Kite.

Surfing with kitesurf kite

Before entering the water, we will notice where the waves are breaking, is a critical point that we must avoid. We will look at whether the wind is constant at that point and we must know the currents and tides of the area. It will also be necessary to know the Basic Rules of Kitesurfing.

After analyzing the conditions of the area we can start surfing, we should head for the break in frontside position, we will analyze the waves well before they start surfing, these must have a good wall without having begun to break.

We must fall to the long to gain speed in the table and to leave the ropes with a little less tension so that the kite loses power
. In this way the power of the kite will not get us out of the wave and we will get a more natural surf.

When our kite is placed above the wave we will start to climb it, we are interested that when we make the turn in the wave the kite throws the minimum possible, so, we will try that just at the moment that we have to make the turn the kite is situated Above our totally remove so that the tension is the minimum.

With the wall of the wave ahead and the kite above us, we will press on our heels and we will accompany with the legs and the shoulders to complete the turn. At the same moment, we must press the bar slightly with our front hand so that the kite crosses the window.

To make a good turn in the wave, we will position our back leg completely in the tail of the surfboard, it will allow us a greater maneuverability of the table. If we need a higher speed in the table, in the case of waves of low force, we will position our body later to facilitate the glide.

Finally, we will finish the spin and follow the wave with the glide speed of the table. Typically, the kite loses its power completely when we lower the wave. When the kite returns to power, we will start another turn to face the wall of the wave again.

Tips to start surfing on kitesurfing

  • We can link the turns in the waves when we have a more advanced level doing downloops with our kite, for it, we will grab strong the end of the bar to realize the complete downloop in the moment that it is in the edge of the window with very little power . This way it will not throw us into the water and we can replace it quickly.
  • It is frequent that at first we fall when doing the turn in the wave, a very common error, is to nail excessively the song in the water. In this case we must keep the body straighter.
  • Depending on the conditions and the board, we will position our body later to gain speed and glide or more behind for a more aggressive turn and waves with greater wall and strength.

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