History of Skydiving or Parachuting

History of Skydiving or parachuting

We all agree with the idea that skydiving is possibly one of the most spectacular activities that a person can perform, but surely many will be wondering when does the history of skydiving or parachuting begin?

At the beginning we have to clarify that the primitive parachute was made in a pyramidal way, and the basis of its creation was that they be used in case of fire of the tall buildings, so that the people who occupied them could escape.

The inventor of this technique was Leonardo Da Vinci and many consider him the father of skydiving. But it was Sebastián le Normand who actually performed all kinds of parachute tests, thus becoming the true father of this instrument.

Between 1797 and 1808 the first jumps were recorded, while in 1837 the first accident occurred.

If we focus on the purely sporting aspect, we must remember that in 1946 the American Skydiving Association was created whose main function was to promote skydiving as a safe sport, removing the fears of the population.

Since that time parachuting has been considered the king of extreme sports and in many cities is promoted as a part of tourism.