Learn the basic tricks of BMX

Learn the basic tricks of BMX

Well, the first thing you need to perform the most basic tricks on BMX is obviously a BMX bike, not a Mountain Bike as they are very heavy and not as maneuverable. A BMX bike is small in size, the wheels are usually 20 inches and the saddle is down at all so you do not disturb the tricks.

It is also important to wear protections and helmets for your safety. Here are the most basic BMX tricks with an explanatory video to get you started in the world:


To make the J-Hop pull the handlebar up and lean back. Once the front wheel is at the desired height push the rear wheel up. Now that both wheels are in the air pull the whole bike towards you to reach the maximum height (see video). If you jump with both wheels at the same time it is called Bunny Hop.

Nollie Hop

It consists of doing the J-Hop but inverted. In this case you have to raise the back and push back (see video).


As its name indicates, it is to release the hands of the handlebar and to turn it in the air, to catch it again in its natural position (see video).


It basically consists of going backwards, but pedaling to prevent it from stopping. It is very useful for receptions when jumping backwards (see video).


It consists of making balance keeping the front wheel elevated, for this the weight of the body is pulled back and the handlebars are raised (see video).


It consists of making a 180º turn by lifting both wheels off the ground, after which we will follow fakie (see video).

You know, if you want to learn all these tricks you must arm yourself with patience, only with practice and more practice evolves quickly.